Christ Tabernacle of Louisville, KY is a full service ministry founded on the foundation of the “finished work of Christ Jesus.” Meaning that God has provided salvation, deliverance, blessing, and all promises through the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of The Lord Jesus Christ.  God has graciously bestowed his love upon us by grace through faith.


 Due to Christ’s resurrection and current position of authority we now can receive resurrection life through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit a subsequent experience to salvation for all believers empowers us to be witnesses throughout the whole world.  It’s through the receiving of the Spirit that signs and wonders are done to bear witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus while providing wholeness, healing, and comfort to the believer. 


 We are currently in an urban location positioned to reach the lost at any cost.  We provide many outreach services such as food, clothing, and spiritual assistance.  We endeavor to expand and grow as a full service ministry providing guidance, help, and grace for all people through the Word of God.  


We are a prophetic ministry equipped with the gifts and "manifestation' of the Spirit of The Lord!  We operate in miracles, deliverance, and healing in Christ Jesus authority.  




We Believe...


• In the Bible as the inspired and infallible Word of God (2Tim. 3:15, 16). 


• In one God, eternally existent in three persons. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Deut. 6:4; Matt. 28:19; Mark 12:29).


• In the virgin birth of Christ, His vicarious, atoning death, bodily resurrection, and ascension (Isaiah. 7:14; Rom. 8:34; Acts 1:10).


• In salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ (1 John 5:10; Rom. 10:13-15).


• In water baptism by immersion (Matt. 28:19).


• In divine healing through the redemptive work of Christ on the cross (Isa. 53:4; Matt 8:16,17; James. 5:13,14).


• In the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues (Acts 2:4; 10:44-46; 15:8,9).


• In the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit who enables a believer to live holy (Heb. 12:14; 1 Peter 1:15,16).


• In the second coming of Jesus Christ (Acts 24:15, Luke 14:14; Rev. 19:7-9).