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    In the book of Genesis 1:26; God created man in His image and likeness! Have you ever wondered why?
Well, that is a loaded question! One thing I can say is, God created someone that could be compatible
with him; someone that could deal with Him face to face. As you recall in the garden, out of all of God's
creation: God took the man and breathed into his nostrils. The Hebrew word for nostrils is an interesting
word: naturally, it deals with the breathing apparatus of the nostrils, but the location is the man's face.
Mankind was the only being of God's creation, in which God personally breathed into his face! God
created man to fellowship with Him face to face.


    We see that man sinned in the garden and lost access to God's presence. Once mankind sinned, only
God's voice, (Gen.3:8), came walking in the cool of the day. Man, still had access to God’s voice, but lost
access to His face. As we continue, we must understand that the word ‘face’ many times in Old
Testament in connection to God, is the same word for presence. When God speaks of His presence, the
ultimate expression of God's presence is His face. Through the redemptive work of Christ, not only are
our sins forgiven, not only are we a new creation, but by means of the Spirit we have been made
compatible and brought to the very face of God. God has called us to face to face. The Bible says in
Second Corinthians 4, we see the glory of God in the face of Jesus. Face to face is the ultimate
relationship and experience with the Lord.


   God has called his church, the Body of Believers by means of the cross to be His companions: we are also
his bride and we have been called to be His friends. All of this is because of the redemptive work of the


    Apostle Collins has been given the mandate through God's Word and many encounters and visitations
from the Lord to teach the body of Christ, their inheritance, and the ultimate relationship of face to face
without God.



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