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 Miracle Life Church Leaders

Pastoral Staff


Apostle Chad Collins

                                                  Apostle Chad Collins was born in Louisville Ky.

   After experiencing salvation and being born again right before his 22nd birthday brother Collins was
baptized in the Holy Ghost and immediately began having prophetic dreams. He began dreaming
literally every day: prophetically concerning personal affairs, world events, and things to come. Apostle
Collins was mentored in the things of the spirit pertaining to the Holy Ghost, under his late father
prophet Ted Collins.


    Shortly after his conversion and his receiving of the baptism of the Spirit he received his first visitation
from Jesus. Jesus walked down his hallway and told him to follow him. From that day the Lord has made
many appearances either by dream or vision to Apostle Collins who has been mandated of the Lord to
preach the gospel and demonstrate the Kingdom of God. Since his initial conversion Apostle Collins has
been a preacher of the gospel and teacher of the Word!


     The Lord has bestowed a mighty prophetic, miracle, and healing ministry on Apostle Collins’s life and
ministry; along with his revelatory teaching God confirms the word with mighty signs and wonders. The
prophetic words and miracles through the hands of this man of God are literally too many to number.
The Lord has raised up this ministry to prepare the church for the coming of the Lord. Apostle Collins
sees himself as just one of God's servants, along with the rest of the fivefold ministry of the body of
Christ. As a face-to-face Prophet, he simply walks in the role and authority the Lord has bestowed upon
him in conjunction with the church.


      Apostle Collins now oversees churches in Kentucky in two locations: Miracle Life, Bowling Green Ky and
Miracle Life, Louisville Ky. Brother Collins has operated in the prophetic ministry for nearly 30 years. He has ministered overseas in countries / nations such as Africa and Cuba.

Apostle Collins lovely wife is First lady Malyssa Collins who is an anointed prophetic psalmist! They reside currently in Louisville Kentucky with the rest of their family. Apostle has three adult children: Steve, Shayna, and Isaiah.  


First lady Malyssa Collins

   With an international background and speaking various languages, 1st Lady Malyssa Collins ministers  alongside her husband as worship leader for MLC. With a powerful testimony of her miraculous healing, she has a prominent anointing for prophetic worship and song, bringing healing and deliverance while ushering in the Glory of the Lord! 1st Lady has worked in the corporate sector for many years in arenas such as information technology, consulting and workforce development but her greatest accomplishment was overseeing a mentorship program in the Central and Eastern Kentucky school systems. This program was her own personal creation that was approved by the Department of Labor and sought to progress juniors and seniors, who were in an underprivileged, underserved position, into furthering their education with hopes for a better quality of life. 1st Lady has a graduate and Undergraduate degree from NY University and is currently a business owner. She sees her mandate to first be a “help-mate” to/with her husband and a leader among women to empower them both spiritually and practically. 


Pastor Lonnie Winston 

   Pastor Lonnie Edward Winston Jr., has been around the Bowling Green, Kentucky area his entire life. Pastor Lonnie has been married to Sheteka for 19 years and they have two children, Gabrielle and Kadyn. Pastor Lonnie obtained a Master’s of Education from Western Kentucky University and has had a diverse professional background in education, coaching, recruiting, and mental health prior to being called into full-time ministry. Prior to joining Miracle Life Ministries, Pastor Lonnie spent 15 years as a minister in the Baptist Church in various roles and duties, along with Pastoring.


   In 2010, Pastor Lonnie was introduced to Apostle Chad Collins, and it was after those early meetings Pastor Lonnie knew there was something missing in his ministry, which was power and the Spirit. Later, in the early stages of Apostle Chad and Pastor Lonnie’s relationship; Pastor Lonnie received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Not long after that experience, Pastor Lonnie joined Miracle Life Ministries. In 2015, Pastor Lonnie had the privilege and honor to establish Miracle Life Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky with Apostle Chad. Pastor Lonnie currently serves as the Executive Director of Miracle Life Ministries, which Pastor Lonnie oversees the day-day operations of both churches as well as the online ministry. Pastor Lonnie serves Miracle Life because it’s his calling from the Lord. God has even spoken to Pastor Lonnie by a dream that his call is to serve at Miracle Life under Apostle Chad Collins.


Pastor Donald Thomas

     Pastor Donald Thomas was born in Hughes, Arkansas outside of Memphis, Tennessee; where he grew up in a military home and experienced living in various places. After, graduating high school Pastor Don met Apostle Chad Collins. Under the tutelage and anointing of the Prophet Ted Collins, God began to use Pastor Don in a supernatural way. Pastor Don graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Upon returning to Louisville, Kentucky Pastor Don assisted Apostle Chad Collins in establishing both churches of Miracle Life Ministries and serves as Pastor in Miracle Life of Louisville. Pastor Don oversees the Dismas House Outreach for men and hosts the weekly Kingdom Living Radio Program. Pastor Don serves in the church to do the work of the Lord.


   William A. Anderson has been known as; Pastor Allen, Preacher Allen, and now as Elder Allen. Elder Allen has served around 31 years in ministry, and a little over 2 years at Miracle Life. Elder Allen’s current role is serving Miracle Life of Bowling Green through overseeing the Men’s Ministry and assisting the needs of the members spiritually and physically by being trained by Apostle Chad Collins. Elder Allen chooses to serve in the ministry because our Heavenly Father put a desire to work, help and build up people to hopefully turn to Jesus. Elder Allen states it is satisfying to see people get their blessings and victory. Amen!

Elder Allen Anderson 


    Elder Steve Weaver is from Louisville, Kentucky and is 51 years old. Elder Steve graduated from Atherton High School in 1990.  Elder Steve has worked for Modine Manufacturing in Louisville, Kentucky for almost 20 years.  Elder Steve has been married to Velma for over 27 years and they have 4 blessed children. Elder Steve has 15 plus years in ministry. Elder Steve oversees the Men’s Fellowship, Nursing Home Ministry, along with assisting with Power Evangelism and Call Back Team. Elder Steve also plays a vital role in our Sunday Morning Services and Friday Night Glory. Elder Steve serves in the ministry because it’s an act of obedience to the Father by the spirit.

Elder Steve Weaver


KaSandra Hogue, born in Cynthiana KY and raised in Paris, KY. After graduating High School, she attended Murray State University where she graduated with a Bachelor's of Social Work Degree in 2007. In 2013, she graduated with her Master's of Social Work Degree from Spalding University. She is currently employed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and supervises a team of Home-Based Therapists that serve the local community. She is a mother and has a son named Elijah, who also loves to serve in the church when possible. KaSandra has been serving in the ministry since May 2014; she currently serves as Church Administrative Assistant, Director of the HELPS Ministries, Co-Leader of the Get Connected Ministry and Co-Leader of Sisters at Heart. KaSandra states, "The word of God encourages us to serve faithfully through the example of Jesus Christ! Serving others through this one-of-a-kind ministry has played an integral role in my personal spiritual and practical growth! Serving, like faith, is a lifestyle and it takes true commitment from yielded vessels."

Minister KaSandra Houge 


Administrator Donna Collins 

   Donna Collins, born and raised in Louisville, Ky. Also known as Mother Collins and is also mother
to Apostle Collins. Has been a part of the ministry since the onset, when Apostle graduated from college
and began ministering. This includes the period before the existence of a brick and mortar building and
he was fulfilling his calling by ministering and teaching at various churches.

    Mother Collins currently serves as Church Administrator and assists with the clerical and
financial duties of the Church. She currently Co-host the Women of Excellence Ministry and prior to
Covid assisted teaching in the Children’s Ministry.

    Mother Collins states, “I love the Lord with all my mind, body and soul. I have been blessed
with a prophetic husband, sons, an Apostle and teacher who has not only taught, but shown what true
Faith and indwelling of the Holy Spirit is. It is my duty to use my talents to instill these blessings and set
an example to others.”

In-House Ministry Leaders 


Elder Steve Weaver

Elder Allen Anderson 

 Miracle Life Men's Ministry led by Elders Allen Anderson and Steve Weaver is a Ministry that equips and empowers men of the church in the power of the Holy Spirt. Meetings are held monthly, and during these meetings leaders minister a right now word from God that transforms each man's life spiritually. After meetings men spend time fellowshipping and building brotherhood. 

Copy of womens conference - Made with PosterMyWall-3.jpg

 Miracle Life Women of Excellence led by Mother Donna Collins and Prophetess Kathy Stacks is a Ministry that equips and empowers women by teaching practical life skills and how to apply God's word daily life. Meetings are held virtually monthly, and during these meetings leaders minister a right now word from God that transforms each woman's life practically and spiritually.


Minister Jericka Harris 

Minister KaSandra Hogue 

 Miracle Life Sister's at Heart led by Minister Kasandra Hough and Minister Jericka Harris is a Ministry that equips and empowers young women (age 18-35)  by teaching God's word in in a way that is relevant and relatable to every young woman's life. Meetings are held virtually monthly, and during these meetings leaders minister a right now word from God that transforms each woman's life practically and spiritually.


Minister Eric Harris 

Minister Jericka Harris 

Minister Melanie Windom

 Miracle Life Power Evangelism Ministry led by Minister Eric Harris, Minister Jericka Harris, and Minister Melanie Windom is the street-witnessing team. Each week team members hit the streets of Louisville and Bowling Green KY to share the Gospel, lay hands on the sick, cast-out devils, and add to the local church!  

IMG_4863 2.jpg

 Miracle Life Campus Ministry led by Omega Buckner and team is a ministry that transforms the lives of college students and young adults. The Campus ministry team has witnessed over 2,000 college students/ young adults come to Christ and hosts a live social media broadcast monthly that ministers a relevant word to all young adults.  

Minister Omega Buckner

and campus ministry team members: Jasmine Stockton, Lariah Stockton, Tiffany and Minister Chad Winston 

Pastor Lonnie
Pastor Don
Elder Steve
Elder Allen
Minister Kasanda
Mother Collins
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