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The God Kind of Faith

Let us now continue our teaching on the God kind of faith, as we see here clearly in Mark 11:22 through 24; Jesus says something incredibly unique and interesting in Scripture. He says, I quote, And Jesus answering said unto them, Have faith in God. For verily I say to you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe those things which he says shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he says, Therefore I say to you what things soever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them. So, we see here, Jesus says something remarkably interesting, he says, in the New King James: Have faith in God; However, when you look at various translations, when you begin to look at the original language: the Greek text, it can be translated, have the God kind of faith, or the faith that comes from God. See, we must understand that every good gift comes from above. So, each believer, every believer that's born again, has to have faith, right, the Bible says, the just shall live by faith. Well since the just shall live by faith. How do we get faith? Well, the Bible says in Romans 10:17, So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. So, we see here, according to Romans 12:3, that every man has given the measure of faith. That word measure is the word metric or METRON in the Greek. So, every person that has been born again, have believed in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Now has been given or dealt a measure of faith. Well how did we get that measure of faith. Romans 10:17 Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Also, in the book of Romans, the same chapter, it says How then shall they call on him, and whom they have not believed. And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard, and how shall they hear without a preacher, so we see that it's through the preached word or the spoken word of God, that faith comes. Now let me reiterate that faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The word used here is Rhema, the spoken word, the spirit of the word, not just reading the Bible in itself. You can read the Bible and have no belief or faith, many people read the Bible as a historical text. Some people read the Bible just to critique it. There is no believing, or faith in it. So, this faith that comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. This word hearing means to hear in the heart. So faith is of the heart. God has given each believer, we hear the word of faith; when we hear the word of God and believe it with all our heart, faith is given to us. And from that point on, we are to live by faith. Think about it, We've been justified by faith. Everything that we have from God is adjudicated, through faith. So, we must understand that now, through Christ, by believing, repenting and believing with all our heart. We now have a measure of the God kind of faith. And now let me elaborate on that, every believer, that is accepted Jesus has a specific kind of faith. It is the God kind of faith, or the faith that comes from God. See, in our culture, and in the natural, we use the word faith in many ways. Someone can say, I have faith in myself. I have faith that I can be a great basketball player. I have faith in my parents. Well, in that regard. That's more like human faith but that's not the faith that brings us to righteousness. That is not the Abraham kind of faith. That is not the God kind of faith! The kind of faith, I'm referring to in the Bible is the God kind of faith that brings us into righteousness, that brings us into relationship with the Almighty. It's a measure of faith, the God kind of faith.

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